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Typetight is a Java applet that I first wrote back in 2000 to improve my own touch typing skills. Recently, I stumbled upon it in a old forgotten corner of my hard drive and decided to resurrect it. The new and improved version is available below.


Assume proper posture and hand position while using TypeTight and typing in general.


In the Java applet below, choose a lesson from the pull-down menu. The lessons are designed to be followed in succession. The title of each lesson describes the keys on the keyboard that it covers. The length of each lesson, in “words,” is given in parentheses. After choosing the lesson, you will see its beginning characters in the applet. Start typing them (if nothing happens, try clicking on the applet first). As you type, the lesson characters will shift to the left until the lesson is complete. If you make a mistake, the characters will not move until you press the right key.

The Applet

If all you see below is a gray box, or nothing at all, your browser might have a version of Java that's too old. In particular, Microsoft Java Virtual Machine only supports Java up to version 1.1, while TypeTight requires Java 1.4. To use the applet, please download the latest Java plugin. If you have Java version 1.4 or later and the applet still doesn't work, please let me know.

Your browser does not have Java installed or has it turned off. TypeTight requires Java 1.4 or later in order to function properly. Please download the latest Java plugin or reconfigure your browser.

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