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Welcome to my homepage!

My full name is Muhammad Aater Suleman. I prefer to be called Aater, which is pronounced similar to Arthur.

I completed my PhD in Computer Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin with Prof Yale Patt (academic geneology). I am currently working as an architect at Intel Corporation in Austin, Texas. I have recently started a blog on computer architecture, specifically on the importance of hardware/software co-design. I call it Future Chips.

My contact information is as follows:
Email: lastname at hps dot utexas dot edu
Phone: 512-471-6814
Office: ENS 532

The following links will provide you more information about me.

Interesting Technical Links:
  • A good reference on advanced C++ and object oriented programming. Here
  • A reference on tcsh command-line history Here
  • A good reference on tcsh Here
  • A list of useful UNIX commands Here
  • Another list of UNIX commands (slightly different from the previous one) Here
  • The most comprehensive description of tcsh history that I have found Here
  • My own list of UNIX useful commands Here
  • A good tutorial on Server Side Includes (SSI). here .
  • How to write unmaintainable code? ( A very interesting article ) Here

    Email messages which you may find useful :
  • Some places to visit in and around Austin Here
  • My thoughts on Latex
  • My degree plan here
  • Information regarding some Computer Architecture courses at UT (December 06) here

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