EE 360N Announcements

Fall 2004


Final Exam Buzzwords

Buzzwords for Final Exam


Programming Assignments 4 and 5 grades have been sent out

Please check your ECE email account. See TAs for any questions.


Study Problems Posted

See Problem Sets. (You don't need to turn in these problems. They do not cover all the topics from lectures.)


Sample Final Exam

Final Exam from Spring 2003 : pdf


Video Lecture posted

You can view the Video Lecture on Blackboard or download it at /tmp/patt.avi on


Grades posted on blackboard

We have uploaded your scores in exam1 and 2, all problem sets, and three programming assignments on Blackboard. You can access them by logging on and going to EE360N, and clicking on Check Grades. Please verify them and let one of the TAs know if you think we have a mistake in our record.


You can pick up extra handouts from ENS 505


Problem Set 5 solution posted


Exam 2 Rooms

If your last name starts with:
A-R: CPE 2.208 (The regular class room)
S-Z: ETC 2.132 (NOT the same room as the last exam)


Exam 2 Review

There will be a review session for Exam 2. The session will be held at 7 PM on Sunday, November 7 at ENS115.


Exam 2 Buzzwords

Buzzwords for Exam 2


Problem 7.(3) has been removed.

Problem 7.(3) of problem set 5 has been removed since Tomasulo's algorithm is not fully covered yet. Problem Set 5 is still due on Monday, November 8.


Sample Exam 2

Exam 2 from Spring 2003 : pdf


Problem Set 5 Posted

Problem Set 5 is posted and is due before class on Monday, 8 November.


Lab 3 deadline extended and Additional Office Hours scheduled

The deadline of lab 3 has been extended to 12 noon on Monday, November 1st since the ENS building is going to be closed on Saturday.

Also additional office hours will be held at the LRC on Sunday.
The schedule is:

Huzefa : 11 am to 1 pm
Dam : 1 pm to 3 pm
Aater : 3 pm to 5 pm


Interrupt/Exception/IO buzzwords

Buzzwords for interrupts, exception and I/O


Exam 1 solution



Lab Assignment 3 Posted

Lab Assignment 3 is posted and is due on Sunday, 31 October.


Problem Set 4 Posted

Problem Set 4 is posted and is due before class on Monday, 18 October.


Rooms for Exam 1

Students with last names starting from

A - R : CPE 2.208 ( The regular class room )

S - Z : ETC 2.114


Buzzwords for Exam 1

Buzzwords for Exam 1 : txt


Please make the following corrections to problem 5 of the sample exam 1:

Assume that the following BMUX is connected to the SR2 input of the reg file:
Also, change the DRMUX to read as follows:


Sample Exam 1

Exam 1 from Fall 2003 : pdf


Problems 4, 7 and 8 in Problem Set 3 are postponed

Problems 4, 7 and 8 are moved to Problem Set 4 because virtual memory isn't completely covered yet. The postponement of problem 7 and 8 was announced in class. Problem 4 was newly decided to be moved since the TLB is not covered yet. Problem Set 3 is still due on Monday, October 4.


Review Session

There will be a review session for Exam 1. The session will be held at 7 PM on Sunday, October 3 at ETC 2.136.


Problem Set 3 Posted

Problem Set 3 is due before class, October 4. Problem 7 and 8 may not be due on this day depending on how far we cover on September 29.


Lab Assignment 1 Regrade Instructions

The regrade instructions for Lab 1 has been posted on the website.


Lab Assignment 2 starter file does not work on Sunfire

The starter code provided to you for Lab Assingment 2 is not working on sunfire properly. We will appreciate if you can use one of the ECE-LRC Linux machines to work on your program instead of sunfire. You can access the linux machines from your home by using secure shell as before. The only difference will be the hostname. You can use instead of . You can also use linux02 - linux15 .


Revision of Lab Assignment 2 is posted

The updated version of Lab Assignment 2 has been posted. The implementation of the IO system has been added to the assignment.


Problems 8 and 9 in Problem Set 2 are postponed

Problems 8 and 9 are moved to Problem Set 3 because physical memory isn't completely covered yet. Problem Set 2 is still due on Monday, September 20.


Lab Assignment 2 and Problem Set 2 Posted

Problem Set 2 is due before class, September 20 and Lab Assignment 2 is due before midnight, September 26.


Sharing test cases is NOT allowed

Some of you have asked the TA's if it is allowed to share test cases and scripts with each other. Dr. Patt thinks that making the test cases is an important part of this excercise and a required learning experience for all of you. Everyone should develop test cases individually and sharing is NOT allowed. The same applies to all the forthcoming labs.


Unique number and discussion section schedule added

The unique number and discussion section schedule for each TAs are added to the "Instructor and TAs" page on the course webpage for reference.


Lab Assignment 1 and Problem Set 1 Posted

Problem Set 1 is due before class, September 8 and Lab Assignment 1 is due before midnight, September 12.


Discussion section moved

Discussion section (Unique ID: 15880) Tuesday, 5 to 6:30pm has been moved from ENS 115 to ENS 145.


Your personal constraints on time slots for additional lectures

Please email the answers to Aater by Friday, August 27th.


Information about the First Lecture

The first lecture for EE 360N is currently scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 at 5:30pm in CPE 2.208.


Student Information Sheet

Please print and fill out the Student Information Sheet . Submit it with a recognizable photograph before Monday, September 8th.