EE 360N Handouts

Fall 2004


Assembly Language Handout
Assembly Language pdf   ps


LC-3b Handouts
Appendix A: The LC-3b ISA pdf

Appendix C: The Microarchitecture of the LC-3b pdf   ps

Please correct the following errors:
In Appendix A, please correct the starting address of the example for TRAP instruction to read 0x46 (instead of 0x23).

In Appendix A, please correct the operation of the JSR/JSRR instruction to read:
if (bit(11)==0)
     PC = BaseR;
     PC = PC + LSHF(SEXT(PCoffset11), 1);
R7 = TEMP;

In Appendix C, please correct states 4, 20, 21 in Figure C.2(The state machine of the LC-3b) to read:
State 4:
State 20:
    PC <- BaseR
    R7 <- PC
State 21
    PC <- PC + LSHF(SEXT(off11), 1)
    R7 <- PC


Student Information Sheet

Please fill out the student information sheet, attach a recognizable recent photo of yours, and turn it in on September 8.